Thursday, January 1, 2009

Funny Farm with Mr. Cash Cab and TJ

Well I'm back from Atlanta, which means one thing, I am finally able to upload pictures and update my blog.... sorry 'bout that. I wanted to post about a couple of shows at the Funny Farm, including a show with headliner, Ben Bailey from Discovery Channel's Cash Cab. Ben was an incredibly nice and totally willing to talk to me and all his fans after his show. I appreciated his advice and thought his comedy was really clever. He made jokes that were specific to the city he was performing in which I thought to be hilarious since it added a personal feeling to his set. All in all the show was great and if you get the chance, go see Ben Bailey in all his glory.

I also met TJ Young who also performed and was the MC for the show. I loved TJ's clever and witty style of humor and appreciated his writing. Oddly he did remind me of Peter while he was on stage. TJ was extremely friendly to me after the show and we talked about the business. I mentioned to him the lack of venues in the Savannah area... His advice to me was to do what he did: "buy a place", which wouldn't be a bad idea if I wasn't going through school and actually had money. Maybe in the future. Check out his myspace page, he's a cool guy and I hope to meet him again down the road.

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