Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jan 10th Show

Hey, thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday. After much stress and last minute writing we were able to perform our new style variety show. We loved being able to present our new ideas, such as our skits and our Improv stand up battles, things we were unable to do when we were with the Savannah Comedy Revue. To all who weren't there, shame on you. You missed a great show. Who knows when you're going to be able to see an Asian guy pretending to be Gilbert Gottfried reading Haikus? No seriously it's okay if you missed this show, there will be others and they will be soon. As a bonus we decided to put up Headlines and Punchlines, our news bit for you to see. The video looks really bad on youtube... so sorry about the quality. Our camera is also by a fan. Whatever. Keep on checking us out.

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