Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Last Weekend

So it's April Fools day today and I felt as comedians it would be a good idea to post. No I'm not going to try and fool you with something stupid like "Heroes getting canceled or a movie based on the life of Michael Jackson is being released." However both would not surprise me. I thought instead I tell you a story about my past weekend.

I was out with a couple of my friends drinking. We were at Lulu's which is sort of a chick bar where they sell chocolate and martinis. I told my friends that I would meet up later that I was going to go over to a bar where they were doing $1 beer night. So after being a little under the influence I was walking on River St. and I saw some Army guys making fun of everyone walking by. However I don't think they expected me to walk by that night. When they targeted me I was able to respond to him quickly. He said something lame like. "Hey is it tough for you being retarded." The guy had a Northern Accent so I responded something about him being retarded for being from the North. (Northerners hate when Southerners make fun of their intelligence.) The guy acted surprised I had a comeback. He responded "Where you from?" (Now I've many places both North and South i could have told him that... but where's the fun in that.) "Man, I'm from lots of places... Like 15 minutes ago I was from your mother's house" The guy's friend laughed crazy over this one... The one guy wasn't too amused. He tried to insult me back but they were rather lame. I mentioned that I was a stand-up Comedian and that he wasn't going to win.
It's sort of a mistake to mention this to some people cause then they want you to be an entertainer. I basically excepted their demands of humor and gave them exactly what they wanted which were dirty jokes and insulting them. I felt pretty calm insulting 6 Army guys... you know in case they took it too seriously. After one insult I remember one of the Army guys grabbing my shoulder aggressively and he gave me a cold look like he was going to punch me. After a long pause... He started laughing. I knew at that moment that I had won. Sometimes it's great being a comedian. I went to two bars that I have performed at and was treated very nice. Sometimes you have to have fun with people and not worry too much about the consequences.