Monday, August 24, 2009

Many Updates

There are so many things to update people on... but I suppose that is what happens when you don't update your blog in over a month. Biggest news was our amazing show on on August 13th. The was also on Jeremy's birthday and was hosted by Peter. Hopefully we will have some video up soon to show so you can laugh as hard as everyone else who was cool enough to come. Like we stated the show was awesome and after we drank at the American Legion and then we were Coaxed into Karaoke where Peter sang some Sublime... Let's just say that he should probably stick with comedy. After that three of us topped off the night will a little IHOP where the late-night waitress may or may not have been hitting on Jeremy. So make sure you come see another magical night of ours next month. Also Josh is offically on IMDB! It may be for Visual Effects and not comedy but hey at least that's still awesome. And finally, the Conquerors (as soon as they stop getting so lazy) will have there own website (not to say that the blog formula isn't great.) But seriously we hope to work on this as soon as we get up off our asses and stop writing dick jokes.