Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It is inauguration day! I’m watching it in class, because it just so happens that my class started at 11 and the celebration starts at 11. My schedule this quarter did not work out in my favor for things like this. And Lost. and Heroes. Thank god for Hulu. This comic has also been written by Josh Wood, who is white. But he has a sense of humor no matter what level of racist it is. It seems today that it is a very low level of racism. Who knows what tomorrow will be like!

Inaugural Concert

Head on over to my webcomic and check out more Obama-mania!

Would it be bad if Obama bootlegged a concert put on for his benefit? It’d be just the same as videotaping The Decemberists at your $10,000 prom, or recording a crappy comedian playing at your bat mitzvah. Could you get sued? Probably not. And what if it was illegal, and President Nixon bootlegged his inaugural concert? I imagine that when David Frost would ask him about it his response would be along the lines of, “I’m saying, if the president does it, then it’s not illegal!”

Happy presidency, Obama!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jan 10th Show

Hey, thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday. After much stress and last minute writing we were able to perform our new style variety show. We loved being able to present our new ideas, such as our skits and our Improv stand up battles, things we were unable to do when we were with the Savannah Comedy Revue. To all who weren't there, shame on you. You missed a great show. Who knows when you're going to be able to see an Asian guy pretending to be Gilbert Gottfried reading Haikus? No seriously it's okay if you missed this show, there will be others and they will be soon. As a bonus we decided to put up Headlines and Punchlines, our news bit for you to see. The video looks really bad on youtube... so sorry about the quality. Our camera is also by a fan. Whatever. Keep on checking us out.

Sabrina Jalees

This has been one amazing week! SCAD's winter quarter kicked off with some great events including comedian Sabrina Jalees. She was refreshing to have because of she is a great young comedian and at a point in her career that we can aspire to.

We loved this week because we got to hand out mini-comics that Jeremy made. We really like this comic because it melts two worlds together: stand-up comedy and comics. You should check out his webcomic which is based on our Headlines & Punchlines bit. If you received a comic, leave us a comment in our comments section after this post telling us what you think about it. Thanks to everyone who read it, kept it, and did not throw it away! I feel warm on my insides.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Jeremy blogging here! The Conquerors of Comedy are having a show this week to welcome in the New Year! Come out on January 10 @ 8PM to see stand up, sketches, and some of the greatest impersonations in Savannah. Seriously, it's hilarious.

I'll be performing a great set and presenting comedy illustrations. Also, there will be guest appearances by "Gilbert Gottfried" and "Stan Lee" (Or at least our mockery of them). Come to the show at LiveWire Music Hall and receive a FREE Comic Book written and illustrated by me. Hilariously, it's serious.

See ya Saturday!

Correction: The flier says $3 but it should be $5. We apoligize for the mistake and it should be corrected soon.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Funny Farm with Mr. Cash Cab and TJ

Well I'm back from Atlanta, which means one thing, I am finally able to upload pictures and update my blog.... sorry 'bout that. I wanted to post about a couple of shows at the Funny Farm, including a show with headliner, Ben Bailey from Discovery Channel's Cash Cab. Ben was an incredibly nice and totally willing to talk to me and all his fans after his show. I appreciated his advice and thought his comedy was really clever. He made jokes that were specific to the city he was performing in which I thought to be hilarious since it added a personal feeling to his set. All in all the show was great and if you get the chance, go see Ben Bailey in all his glory.

I also met TJ Young who also performed and was the MC for the show. I loved TJ's clever and witty style of humor and appreciated his writing. Oddly he did remind me of Peter while he was on stage. TJ was extremely friendly to me after the show and we talked about the business. I mentioned to him the lack of venues in the Savannah area... His advice to me was to do what he did: "buy a place", which wouldn't be a bad idea if I wasn't going through school and actually had money. Maybe in the future. Check out his myspace page, he's a cool guy and I hope to meet him again down the road.