Saturday, October 10, 2009

Livewire Shows

Two Livewire shows to announce. Well one of them was yesterday at 8... It was a late notice thing, so there wasn't too much advertising for it. The show actually went better than I planned. We had two guest comedians come in: Lee Keeler and Phil Keeling... Jeremy performed and yours truly MCed and threw in a couple jokes. Peter was too busy to come out for the show. No worries, though; you can come out to our FREE show on October 15th at 8pm. Peter, myself, and some guest performers, Chris Soucy and Phil Keeling, will be performing.
The show went pretty sweet and I got to personally do what I actually enjoy most about being a comedian which is talking to some of the audience after the show. I met some of the guys from the band The Heavy Pets after the show. Phil and I talked with the guys for a while after the show. It was pretty cool... but sometimes I have to agree with Peter when he says that musicians kind of suck because they are just so much cooler than comedians.

So come out next week to our show at the Livewire (307 W. River St.) at 8pm. And if you have a time machine, hop in it and see our show yesterday.

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