Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beards of Comedy

This past Sunday I saw the Beards of Comedy at the Laughing Skull (it's part of the Vortex bar and restaurant) in Atlanta. It was pretty damn cool I got there early which is surprising since there are two Vortexes and I apparently thought the comedy was at the other venue. I sat down and ate an Elvis burger which comes with bacon, peanut butter, and plantains my friend ate a coronary burger which had bacon, a fried egg, and lots of mayo. If you get the double the bun are made of two grilled cheese sandwiches. I enjoyed the show since it was a lot like a conquerors show... individual acts and random group skits and songs in between. After the show I hung out and mingled with the beards (Andy Sandford, Dave Stone, Joe Zimmerman, and TJ Young). TJ I had met before and if you dig you'll find a post about him earlier in the blog. Joe was especially nice and hung out with me and my friends for a while after the show (maybe this was mostly beacause my two friends were girls). I also met the manager of the establishment... who actually used to manange The Funny Farm in Roswell which recently closed down. If you've never been to the vortex or the laughing skull I highly reccommend them. The inside has a crazy setup complete with skelletons riding motorcycles and pictures of naked goth girls hung on the walls. Basically a cool place to bring your family.

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